Say Goodbye To Analog And Hello To IP Video Surveillance

November 9th, 2018

The NTSC analog video standards were developed in the early 1950’s. If the current video surveillance in your North Texas, home relies on technology that was developed back when your grandparents were born, you’re leaving a lot open to chance. The difference between analog and IP video recording is the quality of the images recorded, which can be the difference between not having enough information to catch a criminal, and discovering enough to have someone arrested. 

Old Standards Limit Ability

The NTSC standards limit the image recording capacity to very low sharpness and depth. There isn’t much you can do to zoom in on an image, and even the best analog security cameras in North Texas, TX produce images that are four times less clear the average low-end IP cameras. IP cameras have a flexible resolution base and provide pictures that are clearer, even when produced from a far range. This gives the viewer the ability to recognize faces, license plates, and other fine details even with a single camera.

Storage And Analytics

Analog cameras can be problematic when it comes to physical storage. Yards of wiring, multiple plugs, and outlets, a VHS/DVD, and a television screen are all needed for live-feed monitoring, creating a cluttered mess of dangerous tangled wires. A complicated system means that one missed connection or single failure can cause the entire network to break down. IP cameras digitally transmit all the video recordings into the internet, where it can be stored in an online cloud storage or an IT network for easy access. It uses less wiring, takes up less space, and includes a safety net that provides a fool-proof security framework.

IP cameras have been a boon for analytics. Traditional analog security cameras have relied on human monitoring to track events such as:






Human monitoring, however, can be very tedious and contains a high chance of error. IP cameras have taken this process to new levels with smart analytic capabilities. Advanced features like facial recognition, gait analysis, automated license plate reading technology, and high accuracy motion sensing have a huge potential to optimize manpower and machine-learning. Eliminating human error and increasing response time makes this the obvious solution.

Get With The Times, Easily

IP security cameras are easy to install at your North Texas, TX home or business. Most IP cameras have a plug-and-play feature that automatically activates once plugged in, with no additional networking. Analog cameras require at least two wires, and sometimes more if you want to add-ons such as PTZ controls. One wire on an IP camera does it all.

Are you ready to change your old analog security camera to a new IP video surveillance system? Still unsure where to start? Let S2M Solutions help you get out of the dark ages and into the light with a surveillance system you can depend on. We have the latest technologies and the latest advancements you need to protect everything you hold dear. Contact S2M Solutions for more information today.