What Not To Do When Installing A Commercial Security Alarm

April 12th, 2019

Everyone wants to feel protected. Choosing a commercial alarm system to protect your business could be the best investment that you ever make to get that feeling. There’s nothing like knowing that your business is secured 24/7. Installing a security alarm system in your North Texas business can:

  • Protect your inventory
  • Secure your data
  • Guard your employees
  • Provide peace of mind

In order to ensure that you reap the benefits of your commercial security alarm, there are a few things you should keep in mind. A security system is only as good as the steps you take to let it do its best job. Before you think about what you should do, consider these five things that you should not.

1-Don’t Be Uneducated

Just as you would with any new piece of equipment or software you bring into your business, you should do your homework. Understand that there are many varieties of security systems available today. Your choice is nearly unlimited, so take the time to understand exactly what your North Texas business needs.

2-Don’t Choose a Cookie Cutter System

Not all commercial alarm systems will be the right fit for all commercial properties. Every business has different needs, from the basics of square footage to the complexity of special areas of concern. Your protection needs are unique, and your security system should be customized to ensure you get the protection you need. The right security system will keep the wrong people from entering areas where they shouldn’t be.  

3-Don’t Make It Obvious

Some thieves know how to disarm security systems, so keep your system in an unusual area where they won’t find it. Hide your alarm components in a remote and secluded area. When it comes to outdoor areas, be sure they are well-lit, as this can deter criminals who prefer businesses that stay dark after hours. Speaking of dark, always provide a backup power source to protect you when the electricity goes out.

4-Don’t Rely On One Zone And Keypad

Every business has different levels of security. Different areas might house more valuable and sensitive data, requiring different clearances. Or, you might have shift workers coming and going at different intervals. Having more than one keypad allows you to control different areas individually. This can help avoid the night-shift employees from setting off your motion detectors if they overlap during a critical moment.

5-Don’t Forget Employee Training

Installing a perfect commercial alarm system at your North Texas business is the best way to stay safe. But even a perfectly installed system is only as good as the people who use it. Simple mistakes, such as leaving a security door open, can cause failure in the system. Educate all employees on proper security protocol, and make sure everyone knows how to use all features of the system, regardless of their working hours or job responsibilities. Lack of knowledge introduces the possibility that someone will be unable to use the system in certain situations. Don’t take the risk.