Security Cameras Are A Good Investment For Restaurants

July 18th, 2019

The restaurant business is both incredibly challenging and rewarding. Food is something that everyone needs, but the ambition to make good food that keeps people coming back and paying for it takes a mix of good business sense, culinary talent, and, of course, a team effort, since no one can run a restaurant by themselves.

However, into this mix of different considerations is an extra one that people sometimes forget about; security. While restaurants aren’t typically the victims of traditional theft, such as shoplifting, sometimes an extra precaution, like a strategically installed security camera system, can be incredibly helpful to a restaurant’s bottom line. Here’s how.

It Fights Crime

First, the most obvious benefit of a security camera system is that it can help in fighting crime or even preventing it. The “eat and run” is, unfortunately, a popular alternative to outright theft for many restaurants, but photographic evidence like showing the runner entering, ordering and leaving without paying is impossible to deny.

Security cameras can also keep your staff honest. Sometimes, especially in a restaurant situation with a high turnover rate, such as fast-food franchises, employees can resort to unethical practices. Stealing from the cash register is much more difficult to do when cameras are correctly placed to monitor this activity.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes diners get into arguments with the wait staff, and this may be for unfounded reasons, or even outright lies in an attempt to make a fraudulent claim and get a refund, or free food. Before the advent of security cameras, such as disputes were a matter of “my word against yours.”

Now, however, with security cameras, it’s easy to monitor the footage to see if the wait staff really was rude to the customer, or whether the customer was making unreasonable demands. In some cases, security cameras can even prevent fraudulent lawsuits, such as catching customers deliberately sabotaging their food in an attempt to claim food poisoning to scare a business into an out of court settlement.

Productivity Analysis

Finally, a security camera system can actually help to increase your operational efficiency. Cameras in the kitchen, for example, can show you how your kitchen staff is handling themselves during peak hours when things are busy. You can see how they move, how long it takes them to perform certain tasks, and find better ways to organize their tools and positioning.

Out on the floor, where the diners are, cameras can help you to see how the wait staff are interacting with customers, whether they are attentive enough, or are understaffed, and need more help. You can even see when staff are going above and beyond, and highlight these moments, praising the workers that did it, and using it as an example that others should emulate.

If you’d like to have more security, safety, and even added efficiency for your restaurant, S2M Solutions may be able to help. Contact us, and let us know what you’re thinking. We can see what you need, make the appropriate recommendations, and help you with the security system that will make a difference.