Making The Break Room Safer For Employees

November 1st, 2018

Throughout the day, employees in North Texas, TX take breaks from their workday. Most employers provide them with a break room where they can relax and reenergize. The break room is a place where employees should be made to feel safe, despite the number of people who come in and out during the day. Keeping the break room secure should be near the top of the list for employers who want to provide an appropriate atmosphere.

Add An Access Control System

One way to keep your employee break room safe is by using an access control system. This type of system collects data and monitors the entry points, keeping the employee break room more secure. It also keeps people out who are not supposed to be there. An effective access system will do the following:

Control who is allowed in the break room

Eliminate the need to carry more keys

Closely monitor who enters and leaves the break room

Keep a record of the specific people accessing the break room

Install Alarms And Incorporate Safety Guidelines 

Many break rooms offer a small kitchen area where employees can heat up meals using a microwave or a small stove. This makes it important to have a smoke detector and fire alarm installed to monitor possible fires. In addition, the following safety guidelines should be in place for everyone’s safety and wellbeing:   

Microwaves or stoves must be attended when in use

A first aid kit should be readily available and accessible

All food items should be labeled to avoid any cross-contamination

Eating areas must be cleaned and sanitized regularly

Everyone must thoroughly wash hands before returning to work

Following these guidelines will also help to ensure a safe and clean environment for the employees.

Use Security Cameras To Monitor Behavior

Installing security cameras in the break room can not only help deter employee theft, but it can also monitor employee behavior. When security cameras are in place, it discourages employees from stealing, which can save a company from a significant monetary loss each year. Video monitoring can help employees feel safe from harassment or other uncomfortable situations that can occur in the break room. Security cameras can also:

Monitor behavior and actions near all point of sale areas

Record and playback video footage

Ensure that employees are using their own access codes

Sync with the access control system

Before positioning any security cameras, check with the North Texas, TX Department of Labor to make sure that camera positioning is done legally.

The break room should be a place where employees can spend some peaceful time during a hectic workday. Taking steps to make it comfortable and safe requires that the right equipment is in place and in proper working order at all times. S2M Solutions has been providing the highest quality security camera installations and solutions in North Texas, TX for many years. Contact us today to help make your company break room a safe and secure place for all.