Door Locks of the Past and Present

February 6th, 2019

Door Locks of the Past and Present

AS new technology emerges, we find ourselves taking a closer look at the products of the past to see how far we have come and how far we can go in the future. Door locks are no exception.

Door locks are everywhere and allow access to homes and businesses. They are an extraordinarily commonplace and often forgotten and overlooked feature. However, door locks award us with so many benefits like helping to keep intruders out of our home and securing access to our businesses. 

Door locks have evolved in recent years and are now a vital component when it comes to integrating a more modern and updated security system to our homes.

Door Locks of the Past

In the past, the door locks we used required keys to gain entry. There were many different types of door locks available, and their use goes back as far as six thousand years ago in ancient Egyptian times.

Door locks were made from all kinds of materials including wood with locks that used pins inside of a casing to the more traditional metal variety we see most often today. Today, we have the metal keys outfitted with the notches to match the specific door knob we are using. If we lose that key, we have to find other ways to enter the home until we can get a new key made. 

Moving past the traditional door locks, we entered the time of electronic deadbolts. A couple of decades ago, hotels realized that they needed a more secure way to protect their guests, so they came up with the idea to use electronic deadbolts and electronic hatches on all their doors.

They used a magnetic field to push and pull the door lock and engage it so that the knob could be turned. Different cards were programmed for different rooms so one key would only be able to open one specific door. These locks were used by hotel businesses as well as a few other commercial applications and weren't used in residential homes because of the costs involved for the more sophisticated technology.

Door Locks of the Present

However, the majority of door locks we see today, no longer require a key for entry. Smart locks are often used in homes and are an affordable and convenient option for homeowners looking for more security.

Instead of relying on a key to unlock the door, there are now many options available including number pads with codes, RFID tags, biometric fingerprint scanners, access through a smartphone application, and even facial recognition technology.

Hide-a-Keys are Now a Thing of the Past

No more having to find new and creative ways to hide a spare key. If you have people coming and going from the home, you also won't have to have several keys made which in itself is a security problem. Keys can be easily duplicated. Instead, you can assign an individual passcode for the door, and you retain all control.

You will know exactly who is at the house and when and can track people coming and going easily and conveniently which makes your home and your property that much more secure in North Texas, TX.